Lego Nexo Knights w Lego Worlds!

Lego Nexo Knights w Lego Worlds!

Lego Nexo Knights, czyli jedna z flagowych serii Lego w grze Lego Worlds!

Pakiet zawierający świat Nexo można pobrać z Steam, na PlayStation 4 lub na XBox One.


The legendary NEXO KNIGHTS™ have arrived in LEGO® Worlds alongside a suite of creatures, vehicles, props, items and of course the heroes themselves; Clay, Macy, Lance, Aaron and Axl. Not only that, but on the main menu (aka the Brick Build Showcase) you’ll be able to download the magnificent Knighton Keep, with the rest of the castle pieces to follow every day for the rest of this week. Be sure to take the especially epic vehicles for a spin and test out the NEXO KNIGHTS™ special powers!

Who better to test those special powers on than the enemy itself? That’s right, Ruina, Jestro and an assortment of gruesome goons are also available. That’s enough wordy waffle for now though, let’s see it all in action!